• Times Square II

    Times Square II

  • Aloha


  • Palm Beach

    Palm Beach

  • 5th Avenue

    5th Avenue

  • Country Club

    Country Club

  • Hamptons


Hamptons (nautical) Collection
$21.95 Hamptons (nautical) Collection
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Times Square Collection
$21.95 Times Square Collection
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Times Square II Collection
$21.95 Times Square II Collection
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Central Park Collection
$21.95 Central Park Collection
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Greenwich Collection (sweet subtles)
$21.95 Greenwich Collection (sweet subtles)
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Greenwich Collection (vibrant jewels)
$21.95 Greenwich Collection (vibrant jewels)
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Pier 94 Collection (opaques)
$21.95 Pier 94 Collection (opaques)
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Pier 94 Collection (happy mediums)
$21.95 Pier 94 Collection (happy mediums)
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Numbers 1-6 Collection
$21.95 Numbers 1-6 Collection
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Numbers 1-8 Collection
$29.95 Numbers 1-8 Collection
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New York Winter Collection
$21.95 New York Winter Collection
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Chelsea Collection
$21.95 Chelsea Collection
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Country Club Collection
$21.95 Country Club Collection
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5th Avenue Collection
$21.95 5th Avenue Collection
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Fleur de Lis Collection
$21.95 Fleur de Lis Collection
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Madison Avenue Collection
$21.95 Madison Avenue Collection
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Selfie Collection (picture frame charms)
$21.95 Selfie Collection (picture frame charms)
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Flushing Meadows (tennis charms) Collection
$21.95 Flushing Meadows (tennis charms) Collection
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Urban Cowboy Collection
$21.95 Urban Cowboy Collection
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Montauk (signs of spring) Collection
$21.95 Montauk (signs of spring) Collection
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Palm Beach Collection
$21.95 Palm Beach Collection
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Aloha (tropical island) Collection
$21.95 Aloha (tropical island) Collection
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Sea Life Collection
$21.95 Sea Life Collection
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Heart❤ U More Collection
$21.95 Heart❤ U More Collection
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Going Stemless® made "The List" in SimplyKC Magazine!
February 18, 2018

Going Stemless® is thrilled to have been selected by SimplyKC Magazine's "The List" in their February 2018 issue! It is a fabulous arrangement of must-have gifts for every woman! Thank you so much for choosing Going Stemless® as your favorite...

We've been selected by The Grommet!
December 15, 2017

Hello again Purveyors of Magical Moments! We are so excited to share this huge announcement with you! The day is finally here and we couldn't be more thrilled! Going Stemless is a Grommet! We want to take this opportunity to...

March 2015
March 05, 2015

Well hello purveyors of magical moments! This business is sure keeping us on our toes. In the blink of an eye, a year and a half has passed since we last posted!  And in that time, A LOT has happened! ...

Atlanta Trade Show July 2013
October 04, 2013

The Atlanta July 2013 Show was a great show for Going Stemless!  We met some key contacts and new buyers as well as repeat buyers!  We love you all!  We worked hard and happy hour came a little sooner every...